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200 N. Greensboro St. STE A8

Carrboro, NC 27510

200 N. Greensboro St. STE A8

Carrboro, NC 27510

MON - SAT | 10AM - 6PM

SUN | 11AM - 4PM



 S  C  E  N  T      P  R  O  F  I  L  E  S

H O M E B L E N D S 

S I G N A T U R E  -  A "house blend" + Best Seller. This take on a luxury men's cologne creates an earthy + bold scent of Musk + Vetiver.  Men + Women alike are drawn to this organic marine like scent that is gentle yet sophisticated. 

B L A N K  P A G E  -  Light the wick and you will feel the beginning of something new. This scent is a gentle floral mixed with a clean home. A powder finish leaves a soft + lingering aroma that is not overwhelming in a common space.  

H A B I T A T  -  Wassail, a scent normally reserved for holiday candles, is used as a base for this delectable fragrance. It pulls notes of Cranberry + Cider but with the addition of Bergamot it creates a citrusy, Blood Orange scent.  

L O S T  B O Y  -  (Yes, that's a Peter Pan reference) Both men + women have become addicted to this candle. This earthy and bold scent creates the aroma of being in the great outdoors. 

M U R P H Y ' S  L A W  -  A woody blend of scents fills the room with a gentle aroma that is warm and cozy. This is a fragrance that works year round + is a beautiful clean base home scent. Intended for those who cherish time outdoors. True tones of a Light Musk.

R O A M  -  For the wanderer and travelers of the world, this scent pulls notes from warm climate foliage + coastal waters. A sweet, yet salty oceanic aroma paired with the undertones of Amber gives this scent a wonderful blend we don't get to experience often.  


R E S T O R E  -  This favorite spa blend of Eucalyptus + Mint will instantly relax you in any space. As an herbal fragrance, this blend gives cool + crisp tones with its combined use of Peppermint + Spearmint. Used in most aromatherapy collections.

T H E R A P I E  -  This scent is the epitome of self-care. A combination of Rosemary + Sage transports you to the spa and melts away your troubles. Light this candle when you need a hot relaxing bath on a Sunday evening.  

A U T U M N  +  W I N T E R 

& E V E R Y T H I N G  N I C E  -  You just stepped into your grandmother's kitchen as she is making her famous " from scratch" cinnamon rolls, but what is that? Notes of Pumpkin + your favorite baked goods take over, bringing you to all things " pumpkin, spice & Everything Nice "  - Yes, this is our take on everyone's fall/winter favorite! 

 B A T C H  0 9 . 2 2 -  You are walking the rows of Apple trees in the Orchard, picking a basket to take home so you can bake your favorite apple crisp. I think you are sipping on an apple cider too. Yep, we put that into a candle. Heavy scents of Apple, Cinnamon, + Cider blended with Juniper to give you that perfect touch of fall fading into winter. 

A L P I N E  -  Your ultimate "Christmas Time" candle with a base of fir balsam, earthy undertones and of course a blend of your favorite pines. We do not need to explain this any further. This is your CHRISTMAS TREE candle. 

C H A L E T  -  Your favorite book, a lit fireplace, a window starring out to a snowy evening. This candle is perfect for your cozy nights in bringing you to a nostalgic feel of " old meets new" traditions. The woodsy yet non complex scent is a perfect happy medium for any open room. This scent blend of ciders, orange peel, leather and a hint of Patchouli help you sink into that favorite space in your home where the worlds troubles melt away even if only for a little while.

S K I  L I F T  -  This complex scent brings you to a winter wonderland of snow covered pine trees, cabins, wide open spaces with fresh air and aromatherapy feels. This blend has that nostalgic base of "Christmas Tree" scents cut with a floral more earthy tone of sandlewood to keep it " outdoorsy " but so clean for your home. Ski Lift is a laid back, house warming version of our ALPINE candle. 


S P R I N G  +  S U M M E R

L O V E  N O T E  -  A sweet fragrance with a base of subtle fruity tones. This blend will have you in a stone fruit orchard at dusk within the first few minutes of burning. As the wick burns, you catch deeper notes of Florals, Soft Pear, Apricot, + a Gentle Musk for a bright yet soothing composition. 

S U N C A T C H E R  -  With a combination of Grapefruit + Blood Orange, Suncatcher is a bold summertime favorite. Refreshing, but not overpowering, with hints of Powder + Freesia. This scent lingers with a light + airy take on your traditional fragrant fruity scents.

A R I Z O N A  S K Y  -  This is a sophisticated blend of Agave + Vetiver combine to make a bold scent with a botanical earthiness. A soothing fragrance that brings on scent notes of the desert + cactus jade. 

F I R E F L Y  -  A gentle note of summer's eve, right before sunset. This scent lingers calmly in your space without overpowering. Grassy notes combined with a bold Lilac creates a lightened mood. 

G E L A T O  -  A classic spring scent with a simple high note of cherry blossom. A pop of magnolia brings a fresh, floral tone to this blend and easily brightens a room. We love this for kitchens and living spaces. 

O C E A N  O R C H I D  -  The calming notes of this scent transport you to the ocean where the smells of Sea Salt, Coastal Florals + Citrus combine. Imagine the waves crashing as the wick burns.  

T H E  L A D Y  -  Imagine a gentle floral fragrance wafting from blooms pulled straight from your garden. A summer favorite of Peony + Southern Magnolia is a combo that will lighten any living space. This scent is our ultimate "floral" bouquet.